A mixture of the finest biodynamic and organic raw fruit extracts, bursting with repairing and rejuvenating antioxidants and vitamins.Our Cellular Repair Mask is formulated to stimulate the skin’s regenerating properties on a cellular level, restore vitality, and fortify by infusing the deepest layers of the skin with sheer fruit power. Aims to visibly brighten the skin, invigorate and rejuvenate. Recommended for all skin conditions.


  • Formulated with Dr. Alkaitis' signature Antioxidant Repair Complex

    Raw extracts of the Aristotelia Chilensis fruit are at the heart of this complex. Sourced from pristine Chilean Patagonia, the antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory property of this Patagonian pearl is exceptional. Combined with other raw extracts like the Punica Granatum and the Aronia Melanocarpa fruit, this blend provides outstanding regenerating capacity. 

    Supplemented with the skin brightening raw extract of Vaccinium Uliginosum berry, this explosion of sheer fruit power helps to stimulate regeneration on a cellular level.


    Oat Buds*, Raspberry*, Blueberry*, Blackberry*, Grapes*, Strawberry*, Bilberry*, Maqui Berry, Black Currant*, Pomegranate Juice*, Amla*, Sour Cherry*, Elderberry*, Cranberry*, Camu Camu*, Northern Bilberry*, Aronia Powder*

    *certified organically grown