Pink Salt Signature Facial Treatment

Indulge in a day of pampering with an intoxicating deep cleanse. Diminish fine lines, sun damage and uneven skin texture with DiamondTome Microdermabrasion or a Skin Resurfacer, then reveal a gorgeous glow with our enzyme mask under steam. A nourishing glow will be achieved and pampering by the best face, head, neck,arm and hand massage you have ever received. 

$140 60 min        $160 80 min        $180 100 min        $200 120 min


Series of Pink Salt Signature Treatments 60 min 

3-$345     save $75

4-$460     save $100

5-$575     save $125

Add-on's to this treatment

In addition to the DiamondTome Micro Treatment;

Glycolic-Lactic peel  (refine skin texture, pore size, fine lines, complexion)  $45

Power Pumpkin Peel (combats breakouts,oily skin)  $35

Power Alpha Peptide peel  (brightens mature skin, firms skin elasticity)  $55  


Organic Enzyme Facial Treatment

Achieve a beautiful and healthy glow with enzymatic exfoliation and an intoxicating sensory experience from naturally sourced ingredients. This treatment is customized to your skin type and will restore your skin and spirit!

$95  50 min         $120  70 min        $150  90 min


Series of Organic Enzyme Treatments 50 min w/ Kayla

3-$260   save $25

4-$340    save $50

5-$400    save $75             

Micro-Current Facial Treatment

This facial uses modalities of electric current to stimulate the facial muscles to lift. Also known as the rich man's workout!

$115  60 min         $145  90 min   

DiamondTome Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment

This resurfacing  treatment will help to alleviate congested skin, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, hyper pigmentation. enlarged pores, acne scars and overall texture brightening and leaving a luminous glow!

$85  30 min

Series of 3 for $225        

Add-on's to this treatment

Microdermabrasion for the Neck $25

Microdermabrasion for the Chest $35

This is a serum based hydra-infusion add-on to a facial,  that is customized to your skin type, refreshing and brightening for vitality and luster.
Neck $25
Chest $35
Face, Neck & Chest $80

Gentlemans Facial

Alleviate irritation from shaving and give those tough pores a fresh look with phenomenal head, neck and scalp massage.

$105  60 min    $150  90 min



Get a lunch time pick-me up and show off the dew face!

$75  30 min 


Back Facial   

Let us give you a pat on the back for taking care of this hard to reach area

$115  60 min

Add-on DiamondTome Microdermabrasion for refining texture on the back and resurfacing



Teen Facial 

This treatment includes education for the teens changing skin and a customized plan, showing how to properly care for it.

$75  30 min 

Series of 3 for $195

Skin Resurfacers

Glycol-Lactic Gel Peel   $70       add-on to a facial $45

Sal-Mandelic Peel         $70       add-on to a facial $45

Power Pumpkin Peel    $70       add-on to a facial $35

​Power Alpha Peptide    $90       add-on to a facial $55

High Frequency Treatment

This treatment takes O2 and divides the atom to create O3, emitting it into the pores to create OZONE in the skin so no anaerobic or propion bacteria will be able to survive. Great for cystic acne that is trapped deep in the skin or for spot treating blemishes to diminish ASAP!

Full Face $20

Spot Treatment $10


Our efficient waxing uses Lavender soft and hard wax. It adheres to the hair, not the skin and the aromatherapy and our expert skills will ease any discomfort!

Brow Design $25

Brow Maintenance $20

Lip $10

Chin $20

Sides $40

Nostrils $10

Ears $20

Underarms $25

Half Leg $50

Full leg $95

Chest $45+

Back $75+

Basic Bikini $55

Extended Bikini $65

Brazilian $85+

Brazilian Maintenance $70 within 4 weeks 

*Spot treatment available upon request


Dry brush exfoliation and Organic Cocktail Blend Tanning

$45 Individual Session

Package of 2 Organic Custom Airbrush Tanning Sessions

$80 Save 10%


Package of 3 Organic Custom AirbrushTanning Sessions

$100 Save 25%


Touch-up Application within one week



Spot Treatment within one week 



Makeup Application $45

Special Event Application $70

Bridal Makeup $115



Semi Permanent

Natural $150 - $170

Glamour $170 - $190

Touch up within 2-3 weeks 

Volume Fill $75 - $90

Natural Fill $65 - $80

Bottom line $70 - $90



Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage

This restorative massage is used to help prevent and alleviate discomfort, muscle spasms and stress. This treatment is medium to deep pressure to help with chronic muscle pain and injury rehabilitation, promoting overall health and well-being.  

60 Min $115

90 Min $160


Swedish Massage 

A light to medium pressure massage created to relax and improve mental and physical health and vitality.

60 Min $100

90 Min $145


Spot Treatment

This treatment focuses on a particular area of concern.

30 Min $65

*Prices Subject to Change and Can Vary Based on Client's Need